OK Telecom Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer 

of metal domes, metal dome sheets  and flexible printed circuit boards, 

and will be a reliable partner through the highest quality products.

OK Telecom considers customers first.

Since its establishment in 2002, OK Telecom Co., Ltd. 

has been researching and developing products from 

your perspective. We will keep trying to be satisfied 

when customers use our products.

OK Telecom pursues creative products.

OK Telecom Co., Ltd. constantly researches 
new technologies and looks for innovative ways.
These efforts will increase customer satisfaction 
and product quality.

OK Telecom puts its sincerity 

into the product.

OK Telecom Co., Ltd. is working 

to meet customer needs  and complete the project. 

OK Telecom Co., Ltd., a reliable partner 
who wants to be with you.